Monday, September 12, 2011

We survived the lake....barely!

We had a good time.....for the most part.  :)  Fishing....Campfires....boat time!

It is always fun spending time with family.  My grandma, Mom & Dad, My sister and her family and my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Gary, and us.  Great times. The kids always have a great time playing together. The adults have fun chatting and getting caught up with each other.

The downer of the whole weekend....."WE" forgot the bathroom bag for the whole family!  I say i packed it....but it never made it to the car! WHICH I say is HIS fault....since he was packing the car. the end it did not matter who's fault it was......we had no bathroom stuff.....and that was that.  He did fix it (a little) by running in and getting tooth brushes and deoderant.  BUT, i had no makup up, root booster, hair spray, etc.  It was a baseball cap and no make up for me! The pics are just fabulous! Note my sarcasm! was a great weekend.  I am pretty sure I was stinky....but owell!  :)  The bugs stayed away!   :)

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