Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 3 - non smoker

Well, it is day 3 of being a non smoker. It does not seem, at this point, that it is going to be nearly as bad as day 2! I am at least talkative today.

I have not even chewed on my straw once! I am not saying I wont use it...I am SURE of that! :)

Speaking of the straw:
Yesterday my kids could not understand why I needed a straw. Why couldn't they have one? Well, my youngest...Hannah...tested the buttons (what is new). She grabbed my straw and ran! I think I turned into a 4 year old with her. Chasing her thru the house screaming "GIVE THAT BACK" She looked at me like i was NUTS! THEN....she stuck it in her mouth! I thought I was going to cry!

I then came back to adulthood......and walked away. Keep in mind i only briefly lost my mind for like 30 seconds....but wow! It was NOT a proud Mommy Moment! :-S

I then looked at myself and can not believe that nicotine/cigarettes have such a hold on me! I can not believe that a THING......not a person.....a THING.....has that much control on me! I am very disappointed in myself for letting the addiction get this far!

Don't get me wrong....I want to go outside right now and light up...but the other part of me says I have come to far to do that and I do NOT want to go thru the 1st 2 days again!


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