Monday, April 4, 2011

Post Party!

Well, I am pretty sure we all have Birthday Party Hangover! :)
What a weekend. I had 2 extra little girls friday night. Then, we threw in and extra dog on Saturday morning. THEN, baking the 2 gumball Cakes. Sunday I got 3 little girls off to Sunday School and home to get the garage in order for a party. I was hoping to have the party outside....but well, that did not was too cold and windy out.

OH CAKE...back to the Cake. Here is what they looked like....

I think they looked pretty close to the picture! Hannah was VERY happy with her cake! :) I guess that is all that matters!

Now the party is over...and my house is in need of some serious TLC! That would be tonight's task! I did a little last night but Clay told me.....SIT DOWN! I fought him for a couple minutes....then gave up. Sat down...and it was all over from there! :)


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