Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Half way there!

I love that my week is half way over! This weekend (of course) is PLUM full! I just have to get there!

Tonight is soup supper at church and then my oldest sings at the service tonight. :) Always love watching her sing. That is one of her most favorite things to do. She is the kind of child that lives in the "glee" world! I have heard her sing in all rooms of the house, doing various tasks. "I am coloring, I am coloring, it is to wonderful I am coloring" that is just an example of her singing. Another one (which I had to put an end too) is singing in the bathroom....while going to the bathroom. That is right. She was sitting there on the toilet singing about what exactly was happening! Thank goodness we did not have any company at that moment in time. When she sings, it some times is not a quiet little song to herself. OH NO! She sometimes does this thing that I call "scream singing" and normally I don't mind. But, I told her I don't think anyone needs to hear her describe her potty time....not even mom. :)

Moving on to tomorrow night. I have a Bud Beer Bar Challenge at the Colonial in Sparta. Those are always fun. Makes Friday morning suck but I love going out and have a great time with listeners/friends.

Friday I am pretty sure I have nothing planned, yet. I say yet, because I always book things. I should learn to say "no" but I just have not learned that word yet!

Saturday I am booked solid! I will start my day cuddling with the kidlets and watching "toonies" for a little bit. Then, it gets crazy. I will be at Lynkris Patio in Sparta for a Live Broadcast from noon - 2. I have never done a broadcast from there before. I love going to new places and meeting new people! After that I will zoom to LaCrosse to The Wedding Tree. My dress came in 2 months early (in case you did not know that) so I have made and appointment to have my first fitting at 3! :) YAY! I can hardly wait! A couple of my ladies will be with me as well. After that I am going to go to Stacey's house (bridesmaid/soon to be sister in law) for her birthday supper. :) Always a great time!

Sunday is Jubilee Sunday at church. This is the service where the kids lead the service! Hoping Hannah is on her best behavior! She tends to act out when in front of a lot of people. I am thinking it is just nerves. That does not make it right, but that is my excuse for it. :)

Then, Monday again......blah!


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