Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 months

I am a non smoker for 2 months now.  YAY!  For me and Baby H! That is H!  We are having a baby....and for all those fun details......CLICK HERE
We are super busy right now!  It is Harvest time and with Clay running the Grain Plant at the West Salem Coop....well, I barely see him!   LOL  BUT the pay checks are great!  ;)
Kids are running me in 8,000 different directions.  2 nights of Hockey, 4 nights of gymnastics, Church on Wednesday Nights, girls scouts twice a month, AND the normal chores at home too!  OH DEAR!  I love my kids dearly...but WOW! 
This weekend we have not one...but 2 birthday parties....IN ONE DAY!  I know i scheduled them that way.  O well.  It will work.  We are going to have some yummy food and great friends/family over during the day.  Then Lily gets to have her dear girlfriends over for a sleep over!  ;)  Crafts and goodness all lined up for the day and night. We will see if i am this happy about it on Sunday! ;)

well back to work now.....

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