Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday...Almost noon. I am exhausted!!! I get to take the day off of Pilates today. 2 on, 1 off. I think I am going to modify that. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday's do Pilates and Walk. Take a break from Pilates on Wednesday but still do my walking. That, I think will work out the best. I am not even going to try and schedule work outs on the weekend. I like the house to be empty when i do those videos! :)

I am really hoping i can stick with this and get 26 lbs lighter by June 21st. Not only am I looking forward to less lbs...but also looking forward to being more active with my kids. I want them to be active and not get lazy like i have become.

I think when i get home I am going to lay down and take a quick nap....then after i go get the girls sit down and read my book. I have kinda stalled on the book reading. My goal is one book a month. I have till next wednesday to keep that goal on track. Eclipse is calling my name.

No Major plans this weekend. Going to visit some friends, doing Taylor and Makayla's hair for skating pictures, Church on Sunday for Palm Sunday, and that is about it.

Intersting story of the day.....Miley Cyrus was the "mentor last night on American are some comments.....

Then you can go to and vote for how you think the show is doing this year.

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