Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Well, it is V day weekend. Not a mega romantic things in store. Lots of Kidlet time. Last night
we watched some of the Olympic opening ceromonies. Sadly, I was in bed and sleeping before 9! ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!!! I think I growing up! HOLY! I am not sure if I am more upset that I was in bed by 9 on a friday night....or that I did not think anything of it! :)

I worked this morning. whohoo. I came home to kids all crazed up. :) i am not sure why that is by...WOW! Now, tonight we are having Italian night. OK i am not sure if this count or not. We are having home made pizza and then watching Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! LMAO. Our kiddy Italian night i guess.

Hannah is feeling better. Thank goodness. On Tuesday I had her in to the dr. ear infection, pnemonia, and what sounded like asthma. So, we have been doing neb treatments, and tonight is her last does of zythromax. FUN FUN! I just want my healthy babies back. They are both still coughing a little bit. BUT, nothing like last week.

I finished my 2nd book of my new obsession. New Moon. Twilight took me 8 days. New Moon took me 4! I can not wait to get to the library on Monday to get then next one....eclipse? is it? I should do more research on my obsession. Funny thing is....i used to make fun of "twilighters" AND now I think I am one of them. ob boy! :)

Oh, Looks like the pizza is almost done.....of to our "Itaian" night :)

till next time...

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